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  • Anita Carter

Top 3 Essential Oils For Healthy Hair Growth

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Essential oils are used for several things, varying from pain relievers to mood boosters. They aren’t entirely a new idea, but they have been getting a lot of attention in the modern world as a safe, natural addition to over the counter and prescription medications. Essential oils really shine in the beauty industry where they are used for skincare, nail care, and hair care. Many still don’t comprehend the science behind essential oils and aren’t willing to get out of their comfort zone to utilize them in any way. If you are new to essential oils, then I suggest you give this a try! Here is my top 3 essential oils that I personally recommend that may help with hair improvement!

News Flash: If you're not a fan of reading, then there is a video at the end of this blog which covers this topic in the same amount of detail! ;)

1. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil encourages growth by expanding circulation to the hair follicles. You might feel a cold, tingly, enjoyable sensation as you rub it through your hair. It's because of the increased circulation that it is number one on my list.

  • How to Use: Apply two drops of the peppermint oil mixed with two tablespoons of the carrier oil you are using and massage it into your scalp. After five minutes, wash and condition as normal. (for more information on carrier oils, continue scrolling.)

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2. Cedarwood Oil

Cedarwood has powerful anti-fungal and antibiotic traits that can be handy for treating dandruff or some forms of hair loss. This will benefit people not just with hair loss, but with anyone that wants healthier hair!

  • How to Use: Put three to four drops in two tablespoons of your carrier oil applied and rubbed directly to your scalp. After ten minutes, wash and condition as normal. (for more information on carrier oils, continue scrolling.)

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3. LemonGrass Oil

Research findings in 2015 were released that showed individuals using lemongrass oil saw a significant decline in nasty flakes and itchiness linked with dandruff within the first seven days of use! Because of this discovery, it had to be put on my list.

  • How to Use: Mix five to six drops of lemongrass oil directly into your bottle of shampoo that you use everyday. For best results, be consistent!

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Deciding which Carrier Oil To Use

A carrier oil is used to dilute or "water down" essential oils. Essential oils tend to evaporate very quickly when being mixed. Also most essential oils are too strong to be used on their own. A lot carrier oils have characteristics that are beneficial in their own way and are a fantastic complement to the benefits of the oils they are combined with.

Some of my favorite carrier oils that I use and can work with hair growth are:

Hair growth is just one of many things that essential oils can do for your body's health and look! Be sure to check out all our content by clicking here so you can find more uses for your essential oils journey!

Essential Oils Kit

Are you looking to get into Essential Oils but don't know where to start? Our family essentials kit from doTERRA is a great starter kit that I recommend to anyone looking to get started using Essential Oils! This kit comes with:

Along with a quick usage guide for each essential oil and blend! Click Here For more information!

Here is the full YouTube video about our top 3 hair growth oils!


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